Profiles Org Chart

Within your Profiles dashboard, you will see a few options on the left hand column. The first one after the home page is your company’s organizational chart or org chart for short. Here you will be able to see the same chart you would see on your profile – but expanded which allows for you to view more team members at once.

Navigating through the chart

While using the org chart, you can navigate through the different levels within your company. You will be automatically shown the view of yourself and your direct manager, but it’s easy to navigate back and forth throughout the chart. If you want to navigate back one step to your supervisor’s supervisor, click on the number directly below their name. This number is the number of individuals working directly under them. You can continue to do this up and down throughout the entire organization.

Viewing someone’s profile

If you are looking to view a person’s profile directly from the org chart, you can do so by clicking their name or profile picture. This will bring you to their profile where you can get to know them, find their contact information, or give them a bravo!

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