What is Profiles

Profiles is a people directory tool and recognition platform that puts your employees first. From celebrating achievements, fostering strong bonds, and providing context that teams need to collaborate and connect – profiles does it all.

Types of people directory solutions

There are typically three categories that employee information and directory solutions file under; internal solution, open-source solutions, and SaaS options (like us!)

An internal solution is built in house by the company


  • Closed system that doesn’t rely on third party applications
  • Build exactly what you need


  • Time and money spent on building and architecturing the solution\
  • Time and money spent on updating the solution
  • No inherent security protocol or data recovery net
  • You are on the hook for any and all catastrophic incidents
  • The solution is only as good as you make it (limited features)

Open source solutions are available for download or could be as simple as maintaining a spreadsheet


  • Free to get up and running


  • Time and money spent on infrastructure setup
  • Time and money spent maintaining the solution
  • Time spent keeping the information up to date
  • No inherent security protocol or data recovery net
  • You are on the hook for any catastrophic events
  • Little to no iteration by original authors which limits features

SaaS solutions, like profiles, come in the form of free-use and paid subscriptions


  • Quick integration
  • Security and data loss prevention built into the product
  • Continuous feature improvements and iterations
  • Scalability as your team grows
  • Peace of mind
  • Cheaper in the long run


  • Subscription costs (although cheaper in the long run when you factor in time and money spent on internal or open source solutions and the value received in security and features)

When choosing a people directory solution, it is important to consider the size and needs of your company as well as the resources available for building and maintaining the solution. A SaaS option like profiles can be the best choice due to its quick integration, built in security and data-protection, and continuous feature updates.

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