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How Celigo Simplifies Workflows Across the Entire Company with GoLinks

How Celigo Simplifies Workflows Across the Entire Company with GoLinks

About Celigo

Celigo is the leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), making it easy for anyone in an enterprise to build or deploy integrations. Celigo believes that by automating processes across applications, employees can free up more time for other revenue-driving activities. And who doesn’t want more time for that? 

As a company that aims to help customers save productivity time, Celigo also values their own time as an organization. So in 2022, they were interested in new ways to help their team optimize workflows. One of the main challenges they were facing was knowledge management. 

Ashley Soult, IT Engineer at Celigo

“We have a lot of information for a lot of different departments across our company and it was beginning to get hard for us to easily and efficiently locate resources.” 

—Ashley Soult, IT Engineer at Celigo

The solution to Celigo’s knowledge management challenge 

After identifying GoLinks as a tool that could help them improve processes, Ashely Soult and Asad Siddiqui, CIO at Celigo, spearheaded implementation. Asad was a GoLinks advocate from previous experience with the tool and thought it would be a great addition to the environment at Celigo. 

They started by trialing GoLinks in 2022 and officially launched it company-wide in May 2023. After launching, they began to see immediate results. Knowledge sharing became easier as employees began to use go links to spread information. Since Celigo is a large organization, information also became more accessible for employees, new and old. 

Alex Lindsay, Recruiter at Celigo

“Using GoLinks has made my work process so much easier. Instead of bookmarking or having to dig through Google Drive to find docs I’m working on, I can use a go link to pull up exactly what I’m looking for, making my workflow more efficient.” 

—Alex Lindsay, Recruiter at Celigo

Celigo has over 700 employees, so they needed to find creative ways to encourage adoption across their multiple departments. Ashley shared with us a few of her strategies: 

  • She started by making go links for everything she accessed daily and made sure to use them whenever sharing resources or apps. 
  • To encourage the use of GoLinks company-wide, Ashley identified internal champions within each department. 
  • During their company all-hands meeting, Ashley presented GoLinks to everyone and highlighted power users so employees could see how the tool was being used.

Nanci Catalan, Sr. Executive Assistant & Admin Manager at Celigo

“GoLinks has made it easier to share company-wide links and surveys, and locate information for me and my team. We are saving time every week using go links instead of sharing and using bookmarks.” 

—Nanci Catalan, Sr. Executive Assistant & Admin Manager at Celigo

As an IT Engineer, Ashley’s job is to support and enable other Celigo employees to succeed. She does this through things like support and troubleshooting. To provide faster, more streamlined support, Ashey and the IT department utilize GoLinks. Here are a few of their favorites:

  • go/nh for their new hire spreadsheet 
  • go/gadmin and go/zoomadmin for their admin consoles 
  • go/wiki for their internal employee portal 

“By creating a repository of go links specifically for our team, I’ve been able to provide quick access to needed resources, and as they get acclimated to their new role, it has been such a time-saver.”  

—Ashley Soult, IT Engineer at Celigo

The results 

As information became easier to find and share, time savings started to quickly add up for Celigo. “In the first couple of weeks,” Ashley shared, “we actually ended up saving an entire work week of time, which was so cool because that’s a lot of time for attention elsewhere.” Within the first two months, they saved over 135 hours. 

Celigo simplified resource sharing with GoLinks

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