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Creating go links
Creating a go link is simple and can be done from the dashboard, or from the browser extension.
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Okta SSO guide
You can check out the official Okta SSO guide for go links for more information.
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Adding the GoLinks Slack app
The GoLinks Slack app is the perfect addition to get your team using golinks directly in Slack.
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Creating and using tags
Tags will allow you and your team to surface golinks that are related to one another.
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Custom SAML SSO guide
GoLinks integrates with custom SAML setups.
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Creating unlisted go links
Unlisted links are go links that are not visible to your teammates.
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Creating public go links
Public go links allows anyone on the internet to access the golink.
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Creating variable go links
A variable go link allows you to quickly insert a value into a URL to target specific destinations.
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A go URL also called a go link or golink, is a quick way for companies to access their internal resources.

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