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Silicon Valley’s Biggest Secret: The go link

We are the team behind GoLinks and we are excited to expose one of Silicon Valley’s biggest secrets: the go link.

So, what exactly is a go link? (sometimes referred to as a “go/link” or “go-link)

Let me illustrate by asking a simple question.

“How would you access your current paycheck right now?”

A typical scenario might look something like this:

  1. I’ve created a bookmark! It’s somewhere in my bookmarks folder along with the other hundreds of important links I’ve bookmarked, let me just look for it…
  2. Wait, this is my personal laptop, and my bookmarks are saved on my work laptop…
  3. Oh, I think it was in my New Hire Orientation packet, let me go find that binder. Aha! here’s the link:
  4. 404 Error. That link is no longer valid.
  5. Well, I know I get paid by ADP, so let me just go to their site…
example of ADP login for golinks

Umm… I guess I’ll just try all four logins and one of them should work eventually?


Step 1: Use go links


If you work at one of the large Silicon Valley Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo or many others, you can actually click on this link above and it will take you directly to your paycheck.

Try clicking on it now and see if your company is already using go links.

What happened? Medium may have gotten stuck, or the browser was eventually presented with this screen below.

go links error on chrome when typing in go/paycheck

This means that your company isn’t using golinks. Which also means your coworkers are losing valuable time searching for important links within your company.

So golinks help me check my paycheck faster? Is that it?

There are many more benefits that come with a go link system such as:

  • Sharing go links among all employees
  • Vocalizing shareable golinks quickly in a meeting
  • Accessing go links outside of the company VPN
  • Resolving golinks on All Devices including Mobile Devices
  • Posting fliers and posters with easy to remember golinks
  • Having up-to-date go links at all times
  • Saving minutes each day searching for internal information
  • Much more!

“So how can I get my company to start using go links like all of the Silicon Valley companies?”

go links banner image and logo

Just sign up at and get started by creating your links for your company! You can create a golink for https://go/paycheck and keep it updated whenever it changes. No need to fill your New Hire Orientation packets with important links that will eventually be obsolete.

But wait, why can’t I just use for this?

Well, let’s try to create that link. | It’s already taken! | It’s already taken! | It’s already taken! | It’s already taken!

Once you do find a link that is available, it will already be hard to remember. GoLinks is specific to you and your company and allows you to have whatever name you desire for your go links.

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