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Yondr + GoLinks

Yondr Group Uses GoLinks To Increase Productivity at Scale

Quick Adoption/Roll Out 

Yondr Group was able to successfully roll out GoLinks without requiring intensive training sessions.

Better Productivity at Scale 

An estimated 316 hours were saved since the implementation of GoLinks, freeing up more time for teams to focus on their core tasks.

About Yondr Group: 

Yondr Group is a global developer, owner operator and service provider of data centers. The company specializes in delivering and operating dedicated infrastructure that is engineered for scale. From site selection to operations, engineering, capital projects, health and safety, sustainability, security as well as technology innovation, Yondr Group develops and operates digital infrastructures that meet the industry’s growing cloud computing needs. 

Yondr Group -Data Centers

Yondr Group has a growing team of colleagues and wants to ensure that productivity and efficiency remain a high priority. When Chief Diversity and Productivity Officer Tricia Arneson joined Yondr, one of her key priorities was to drive diversity efforts and streamline some of the operational processes that were seen as bottlenecks within Yondr.  

In order to centralize their knowledge sharing so current and new employees could easily access them, Yondr implemented drastic steps to improve their knowledge management processes. Tricia and several members of the leadership team were prior users of an internally-built, homegrown version of GoLinks and were very familiar with how GoLinks could be used for better knowledge management, and help save valuable time at scale.

Productivity, Security, and Time is Money 

When searching for a solution, the Yondr team evaluated the benefits of using GoLinks. Yondr is experiencing tremendous growth, so they chose GoLinks over building their own solution. One of the biggest benefits that GoLinks brought to the table was its ability to let organizations shave a huge amount of time off sourcing content. Prior to implementing GoLinks, Tricia felt that the high-level time savings for finding documents, the reporting feature and the monthly insights email all helped to validate the ROI of using GoLinks. Since their implementation Yondr has saved an estimated 316 hours to date. 

Yondr has saved 315 hours with GoLinks.

With security baked into GoLinks products, the decision was easy for Yondr as each enterprise account can add in an extra layer of security with an SSO login, and the tool is designed to mask your resources so that links aren’t shared. 

Yondr has taken a phased approach to launching with GoLinks. The DEIB and productivity team led the way in the creation of the first series of go links. After that, other departments like Legal, Engineering, and IT came to grow in their usage and adoption of the tool. This has been critical, as Yondr has to meet its global policies and standards. With go links like go/benefits employees can easily access their benefits instead of having to manually search for them.

GoLinks Dashboard

High Adoption Leads To Increasing Efficiency 

Adoption rates are high and Tricia foresees this to be a part of any future hires for Yondr. 

“GoLinks really helps reduce the noise and streamlines our [knowledge sharing] and increases productivity,” cites Tricia. Besides having successful usage of the tool, one other metric that Yondr Group views internally is the alternative GoLinks searches—the admins monitor this and create new links as needed to additionally help with time saving. Yondr uses GoLinks frequently, from meetings to agendas, its usage has grown exponentially within the organization. “I use it in everything,” says Tricia. “For meetings, to agendas, it’s now common for our colleagues to ask ‘is there a GoLink for this? People who have never used it are enamored with the tool, and those who are prior users are ecstatic to have this critical tool back in their lives.” 

Tricia Arneson, Chief Diversity and Productivity Officer @ Yondr

“People who have never used it are enamored with the tool, and those who are prior users are ecstatic to have this critical tool back in their lives.

—Tricia Arneson, Chief Diversity and Productivity Officer @ Yondr

Tricia additionally shares that GoLinks has been one of the most used tools in her day-to-day role. “GoLinks really saves us a huge number of hours as document sharing is a big part of how we set up processes and oftentimes, it can be a challenge to find the right set of documents and it will get more complex as our business scales”.  

“GoLinks is a way to quickly point to a document location without actually knowing where it is in a file….anything with a hyperlink can be a go link which you don’t need a bookmark for. Again, you don’t have to go search your bookmarks to go and do that.” 

Let your team try GoLinks with our Free version: Available at, any user can sign up and receive access to our free tier of GoLinks.

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