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Boost Your Workflow in Gmail with the GoLinks Integration

Boost Your Workflow in Gmail with the GoLinks Integration

Every day, we face a mix of personal and work-related emails flooding our inboxes. 

To help you manage all that information, we’ve created a GoLinks integration for Gmail — your quick and easy shortcut for accessing key resources faster.

Read below to learn how our add-on can boost your workflow.

Accessing info in Gmail can be time-consuming

Email stands as the top choice for communication among peers, making up 31% of all workplace interactions

Those discussions often feature links to websites, documents, and other valuable company resources, requiring you to manually scan through email threads and copy/paste links. 

This extra effort can add up quickly — causing a slowdown in your workflow as well as your peers. 

With the GoLinks integration, you can say goodbye to this unnecessary manual effort and streamline your workflow.

Access resources instantly

Tired of copying and pasting links?

With the GoLinks Gmail add-on, click on any email that includes a go link and view a clickable version in the sidebar. Access key resources instantly — without needing to leave your inbox. 

Access resources instantly with the GoLinks Gmail Integration

Boost productivity

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for links!

All go links are displayed in the sidebar, keeping resource-heavy emails organized and easy to manage — no need to search or scan through lengthy email threads. 

Start saving valuable time while boosting workflow productivity. 

Boost productivity with the GoLinks Gmail Integration

Enhance collaboration 

Imagine a coworker is reaching out to you over email at the last minute requesting multiple resources. You would have to take the time to hunt them down and copy and paste all the links — delaying communication. 

But go links are short and easy to recall, allowing them to be shared quickly and easily with peers. They also can be accessed directly from your inbox, providing swift access to resources and faster decision-making. 

With GoLinks for Gmail, accessing and sharing resources becomes simplified. Add the free extension today and boost your work productivity. 

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