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Elevate Your Workflow Using The GoLinks Browser Extension

Elevate Your Workflow Using The GoLinks Browser Extension

Each day, we spend nearly 7 hours online, searching the web for information, accessing resources, and connecting with peers. The ability to swiftly discover, save, and share these resources is crucial for a thriving work environment. 

The GoLinks browser extension makes these tasks more efficient than ever before. 

Read below and watch the video to see how the GoLinks browser extension can maximize your workflow

From Google Chrome to Firefox, web browsers facilitate the daily work-related activities of teams everywhere. 

While web resources have made information and communication more accessible, the sheer number that teams access creates complexity. Between video conferencing apps, knowledge hubs, and email tools, the average employee switches apps 1,100 times a day.

Locating company resources, sharing them with peers, and saving new resources can be difficult (not to mention time-consuming). 

With the GoLinks browser extension, these bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Reach resources quickly

Let’s say you need to navigate to a crucial work document with onboarding information. If you don’t know the link address, you’ll need to search folder after folder in Google Drive to hopefully find it. This can’t be the best way to access information. 

With GoLinks, reaching the resources you need is a breeze! By typing a simple short link like go/onboarding in your browser, you’ll instantly redirect to the URL — no bookmarking or manual retrieval needed. 

HR workers can swiftly access resources like go/org-chart, while engineers can use variable go links to reach resources in GitHub.

Create shortcuts instantly

Each day, we discover valuable resources that can enhance our work. But storing and organizing this information can be tedious. While bookmarks are handy at first, it’s easy to collect so many that they’re impossible to navigate. 

With the GoLinks extension, you can save webpages, documents, and other work materials in seconds — without any additional hassle. 

Simply provide a short, keyword-based name and a description of your link, and voilà — you’ve created an instant shortcut to that resource.

Explore popular go links for your favorite apps within the GoLinks App Marketplace.

Browse available resources

Are you looking for previously saved resources? Transform your browser bar into a dynamic GoLinks search tool. 

Just type go/ + space + keyword and explore resources within your digital repository. This handy command delivers relevant results for every search, saving you time. 

The GoLinks dashboard serves as a searchable library for all your company resources with easy access to go links you’ve created, accessed recently, or use often. 

Trust its limited access and scope

Easy access to information shouldn’t compromise security. That’s why our browser extension requires minimal access and scope. We only request the permissions required to keep your team productive and your information secure and private. 

Our enterprise-grade security is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant – proving our high-standards for security

Ready to supercharge your workflow? Add the GoLinks extension to your browser today and boost your productivity. 

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