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Introducing the official GoLinks Slack App

Today the GoLinks team would like to introduce the official GoLinks Slack App that brings 2 important features into your Slack Workspace.

  1. The GoLinks Bot.
  2. The GoLinks Slash Command.

The GoLinks Bot

This GoLinks Bot will finally close the productivity gap between providing a go link in a Slack message, and quickly accessing that same go link.

If you are at a company that uses go links, then you’ll recognize the frustration when you see this:

Do you see the inefficiency here?

Joy got the go link that she was looking for but now has 4 more steps until she can actually reach her destination.

  1. Copy the link go/support.
  2. Open her browser.
  3. Paste the link into the URL Omnibox.
  4. Press Enter.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem too bad, but this is the best case scenario.

When you ask someone to open their browser, you may lose their attention.

If their last tab was Facebook or Gmail, they may get distracted or drift to the next task without even knowing it, so in reality, it looks more like this:

  1. Copy the link go/support.
  2. Open her browser.
  3. See 3 unread emails from her Gmail tab in her browser.
  4. Spend 45 minutes answering emails.
  5. Forget the link that she copy and pasted previously.
  6. Go back to Slack.
  7. The message has been lost in 45 minutes of chat.
  8. Find the link.
  9. Copy and Paste
  10. It’s the wrong link…

Now with the introduction of our official Slack Application, let’s see how this scenario will play out.

Now the Golinks Slack Bot will turn a 10 step process into a 1 step process.

Joy can see and clickon go/support in one step. She can even see a description of the link to see if this describes what she was looking for. Lastly, she can see the actual URL underneath the description to make sure it is going to the correct location, in her case Intercom.

  1. Click go/support and she’s there

Test it out today!

Make sure to invite @GoLinks to your channels if you want the bot to resolve your links!

The GoLinks Slash Command

The scenario above exists because sometimes asking your coworkers in Slack is quicker than opening up and searching for the link yourself.

Now, this process can be simplified too!

Introducing the slash command for search. Now you can search for it yourself in the message bar.

Now instead of asking your coworkers, you can get an immediate response by asking with the Slash Command, reducing the steps in your workflow even further.

/go support

Convinced yet? Head over to the Slack App Store to install the official GoLinks Slack App

Don’t have a golinks solution at your company yet? Get started at Always free for small teams!

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