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Introducing GoLinks tags 🏷

Last quarter we sat down, took a big sip of coffee and pulled up the go/backlog (our GoLinks product backlog on Jira). As we scrolled through the rows of user stories, feature ideas, customer requests, bugs, and Skittle-colored labels, there was one item we kept coming back to: Tags.

Grouping or tagging of go links has been the #1 feature requested by our users (with personal GoLinks accounts in a close second 👀). We’re happy to announce that tags are now live and in your hands to start using—tag, you’re it.

A rundown on tags

Tags will allow you and your team to surface go links that are related to one another. You can tag a go link with roles, departments, functions, app suites, or any other categorizations you can think of.

New team members can easily discover resources related to their job function and seasoned employees may uncover resource gems they forgot existed.

Using tags

Adding tags from the get-go is super simple. During go link creation, you will be able to explore tags from the drop-down list of popular ones or begin entering characters to see if there are existing tags that match those criteria. You’ll always have the option to create a brand new tag as you see fit.

Just like the go link name, tags can be any Unicode character. So whether it’s “design,” “設計,” “hönnun,” or “التصميم,” we’ve got you covered.

The tags of each go link will appear below the go link description on your dashboard. You can click on these tags to see all other go links that share this tag.

You may also search for tags using the search bar on your dashboard. Tags are denoted by the 🏷 icon next to it.

You will also be able to retroactively add and remove tags to existing go links. To do so, simply click on the drawer icon—which looks like three dots—and click on edit go link. You’ll be able to make any changes here.

Thank you for your contributions to our feature roadmap. We love to hear from our users and welcome any feedback for this feature or anything else. The more you ask for it, the more likely we’ll build it.

If you’re new to this blog, thanks for checking us out! You can learn more and get started for free at https://www.golinks/io.

As always, we build with ❤️🤝☕️.


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