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GoLinks GitHub Integration

Get More from GitHub with GoLinks

GoLinks users love GitHub — in fact, it’s one of our most popular domain redirects. 

With our latest integration, there’s even more to love. 

Learn how GoLinks can help you collaborate more effectively, resolve issues faster, and stay organized in GitHub. 

When issues arise, linking to resources that give context is essential. But tracking down the links to share with teammates wastes time. And for collaborators, finding those links within comment chains is time-consuming.

Plus, without a consistent way to document issues, teammates don’t always provide full context to collaborators. And this lack of visibility has real consequences — making scoping and executing work a challenge.

Fortunately, GoLinks helps solve these issues!  

GoLinks helps teams collaborate asynchronously

Teams working together in GitHub often experience communications overload from linked resources that quickly clog up issues and comments. 

With GoLinks, you can eliminate comment chaos and get time back that was wasted searching for information. 

Human-readable go links give context to collaborators at a glance, reducing back-and-forth discussions and boosting your team’s efficiency. 

Collaborate asynchronously with the GoLinks GitHub Integration

With better communication, resolve issues faster

Track and resolve issues faster by directing peers to tickets and documentation using human-readable go links. Our app automatically converts them into short, clickable redirects to share knowledge with collaborators. 

This way, teammates get context to act on issues instantly with go links directing right to resources — without lengthy URLs. 

Resolve issues faster with the GoLinks GitHub Integration

Make documentation consistent using go links

When issues arise, documenting them consistently is often the last thing your team focuses on.  But consistent documentation is essential to scoping work accurately. 

Ensure stakeholders get the information they need while making it easy for collaborators to act fast with go links that can be typed quickly and natively. You can also help your team templatize documentation by using go links — not messy URLs — to direct to additional issue context.

With GoLinks, discussions within GitHub are scannable and organized, and teams get context without any distractions. 

Make documentation consistent with the GoLinks GitHub Integration

Boost engineering efficiency with the GoLinks GitHub integration

Go links are the easiest way to share context with collaborators and resolve issues faster. With our latest integration, we’re expanding GoLinks into a key tool in your daily workflow. 

Watch the time-savings and efficiency gains grow! 

Learn more and get the app on the GitHub marketplace

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