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GoLinks ChatGPT

GoLinks Powered By ChatGPT: Search Just Got Way Smarter

You’ve asked teammates where to find information before. What about asking AI? 

Artificial intelligence has entered the workforce — and the pace at which it’s transforming collaboration is only accelerating. 

Auto-generated call transcripts. Natural language reminders set by Siri. Recommended text replies when composing an email.

Over the years, these advancements have slipped by relatively unnoticed. But the next generation of AI is sure to get your attention. 

And we’ve built this groundbreaking technology into our platform. 

ChatGPT: The next generation of AI 

In November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT — an AI-powered chatbot with seemingly unlimited intelligence. 

By January 2023, ChatGPT reached over 100 million users and became the fastest-growing consumer application of all time. 

Many early adopters of ChatGPT found themselves frustrated by capacity limits that prohibited them from using the platform during peak times (read: most working hours). Like us, they wanted access on demand.  

In February 2023, OpenAI made its ChatGPT API available. And GoLinks got to work building ChatGPT into our platform. 

Today, we’re excited to launch GoLinks search powered by ChatGPT — for intelligent answers, any time. 

GoLinks Timeline: New ChatGPT Launch

Our mission at GoLinks has always been to empower employees to find information on their own. 

Gone are the days of asking coworkers: “where’s that link?” With memorable go links, teams stay productive and connected — without relying on peers to access information.  

But we know that many queries at work are more complex. 

Maybe you’re a new hire looking to explore your team’s top resources. Or perhaps your search for a specific case study or tech document isn’t turning up the results you’d expect. 

What are your options? Reach out to a coworker? Waste time searching? Give up?

Or — ask AI. 

To find any information at work, just ask

You know that coworker who’s your go-to source of company information, the one that always knows where to find resources? 

You can give them the day off (or actually quit bugging them entirely) with our latest integration. 

Our team is already finding incredible value from search powered by ChatGPT. Here are a few ways. 

Conversational search across all your apps and docs

GoLinks ChatGPT feature

No matter where information lives, you can find it quickly and easily with GoLinks.

Our latest integration allows your team to ask conversational queries in your dashboard and Slack that automatically search across your apps, documents, resource libraries, and drives to return relevant go links. 

Regardless of a resource’s location, ChatGPT enables intelligent search with simple, conversational queries. 

Smart recommendations for resources relevant to you 

GoLinks ChatGPT in Slack

There’s not always a simple answer for requests at work. Usually, gaining enough context requires input from across the organization.

With AI analyzing what resources may be relevant to you, GoLinks recommends useful internal information, based on context. 

Whether a new hire or a teammate looking to get up to speed on a project, just ask GoLinks to fill you in. You’ll get a reply containing a cross-section of relevant information — that, without GoLinks, would require input from multiple stakeholders and departments to compile.  

Automated answers to common questions 

Smarter search in Slack

How do I refer a friend? Where can I find our benefits portal? How do I add an engineer to our server? 

Quick, easy-to-answer questions — that would otherwise take valuable time away from your teammates.

Instead of asking a coworker where to find a URL, you can ask GoLinks. Send our bot a Slack message, and in an instant, we’ll respond with a link to the right internal resource. 

You can also enter queries like these in the search bar of your GoLinks dashboard, and get an automated response right in our platform. 

All the answers you need. Zero time wasted.

Ideas, inspiration, intelligence — and more

Smarter search in Slack

Writer’s block? Need a code refresher? GoLinks has got your back. 

We’re bringing the intelligence of ChatGPT right to the tools you already use — like Slack. 

Smarter than a Google search, GoLinks can answer complex technical questions and provide AI-generated content like marketing taglines, email copy, and more.

Or, GoLinks can entertain you with a joke, recommend a restaurant near you, and enlighten you on the meaning of life. 

This message? 

Unlock productivity with GoLinks

A thing of the past. With GoLinks, answers are always instant. 

Stay productive, informed, and connected no matter where you’re working. 

The future of AI is now. Are you ready to transform how your team discovers and shares information? 

Join our live event on Thursday, March 23rd at 2pm EST to ask GoLinks anything. 

GoLinks ChatGPT Event - Register Now

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