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The GoLinks Productivity Suite

Introducing the GoLinks Productivity Suite: Transform Team Efficiency

We won’t sugarcoat it: 2023 was a tough year for tech. Despite optimism for 2024, most companies will start the year trying to do more with less. 

But let’s be honest – it’s hard to maintain efficiency through organizational changes and budget cuts. 

That’s why it’s more important than ever to use SaaS tools that promise greater efficiency and positive ROIs. 

The new GoLinks productivity suite delivers on those promises. With the addition of two new products, GoSearch and GoProfiles, these tools drive cost-saving in key areas: 

  • GoLinks maximizes your budget by preventing revenue leakage from lost productivity or unnecessary SaaS spend.
  • GoSearch fuels productivity. Instead of wasting 3.6 hours per day searching for information, employees can use AI-powered search to retrieve company-wide knowledge.
  • GoProfiles boosts employee engagement, helping you avoid the $8.8 trillion cost of disengaged employees

In this article, we’ll introduce each of these three tools and explain how they work better together.

When Jorge Zamora founded GoLinks in 2019, he wanted to share this Silicon Valley productivity hack with companies everywhere. 

For those who aren’t familiar, here’s how it works:

Easy-to-remember, shareable links let users jump directly to any web resource. For instance, go/review opens an end-of-year employee survey, and go/one-pagers redirects to a folder of marketing assets. This tool truly simplifies knowledge access and sharing in the workplace. 

GoLinks productivity suite: GoLinks

But Jorge didn’t stop there — GoLinks was just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why he launched GoSearch and GoProfiles for the ultimate productivity suite. 

Introducing GoSearch: Internal search for enterprises 

GoSearch, an enterprise search tool, powers knowledge discovery across your entire SaaS stack. Basically, it’s Google search for your workplace. 

It searches public company sources – like shared drives, apps, intranets, and data repositories – as well as personal sources that only you can access – think emails, Slack messages, and private docs. 

Jorge explains what makes GoSearch unique in the enterprise search landscape: “We’re combining both of the key things that you need to be successful: your own personal documents, and your company’s knowledge – in a single search box.”

Key features:

  • Built-in GenAI chat for a conversational search experience
  • An index that updates in real time
  • 100+ data integrations with company-wide and personal connectors 
  • Frictionless UI, including an intelligent new tab experience for a unified knowledge hub
  • Insightful analytics based on your search data
  • Highest-standard security and privacy, with enhanced control measures like BYO cloud and LLM API key

GoSearch in action:

Here’s an example of the GoSearch GenAI chatbot providing insights from multiple sources:

Ready to see how GoSearch can resolve questions and close knowledge gaps in your org? Sign up for our exclusive live webinar on January 25th! Click here to register and save your spot.

Introducing GoProfiles: A whole new people platform

GoProfiles isn’t your average HRIS software – it’s a robust people platform designed to engage your whole company. 

With a combination of personal and professional information, GoProfiles helps your employees get to know each other. Plus, built-in peer recognition – called Bravos – fosters gratitude and promotes collaboration. 

Key features:

  • Rich employee profiles with skills, interests, and personal information 
  • Peer recognition awards and achievement badges that surface on leaderboards and in Slack
  • Org chart and directory, so people know who to reach out to
  • Employee map to visualize dispersed teams, clarify time zones, and promote in-person connections 
  • Team analytics on growth, headcount, Bravo activity, and more    
  • Generative AI chatbot that connects people to coworker information
  • Dashboard with birthdays, work anniversaries, achievements, and new hire info

GoProfiles in action:

Here’s how you can use GoProfiles to find peer information and form a connection:

Want to energize your employees with authentic interactions? Book a demo to learn how GoProfiles can help foster relationships at your org.

Build a culture of connection and recognition with GoProfiles. Schedule a demo.

GoLinks + GoSearch + GoProfiles: How they work together

These three products work great separately, but they’re even better together. Here’s an example of GoLinks, GoSearch, and GoProfiles working hand-in-hand to power a productive workflow:

Let’s say you’re the Head of Engineering, and you’re checking in on various projects. You use go/jira to open your team’s kanban board and review their progress.

You decide to hone in on a specific project. You open a new tab and type into GoSearch, “What’s the status of the homepage redesign?” The chatbot answers, “The company landing page was updated on 12-04-2023 by Carlos Alvarez.”

You type in go/@carlos to navigate directly to his GoProfiles page. From there, you give him a “Deadline destroyer” Bravo and publicly shout-out his great work. 

GoLinks Productivity Suite

Top benefits of the GoLinks productivity suite:

⏱️ Put time & productivity toward better work – not busy-work 

🔍 Discover company and coworker information with GenAI chatbots

✨ Energize employees with engaging tools that streamline everyday work

📈 Ensure business growth without straining your budget 

🔮 Gain SaaS usage insights and search analytics to inform company decisions 

🔐 Lock down data with powerful privacy & security 

Unlock your team’s potential with the GoLinks productivity suite

Work smarter, not harder, with three knowledge-discovery tools designed for each other – and for your team.

The GoLinks productivity suite combines three enterprise essentials: go links for instant resource access; internal search for powerful information retrieval; and a people platform for stronger peer connections. 

Already a GoLinks customer but interested in our new products? Schedule a demo to learn more. 

New to GoLinks? Try it for free, or chat with someone on our team to get started.

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Access and share resources
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Purpose-built solutions that deliver
information to your fingertips

Golinks logo
Golinks section
Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡ Instant resource access
🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing
💡 Information discovery
✨ AI-powered suggestions
Gosearch logo
Gosearch section
Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps
✨ AI-powered results
🤖 AI conversational chat
⚡️ 100+ data connectors
Goprofiles logo
Goprofiles section
People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles
👍️ Peer recognition
📈️ Employee engagement
✨ AI-powered search