Adding the Slack app and GoLinks bot

The GoLinks bot within the Slack app is the perfect addition to get your team using go links directly in Slack. This article is meant to assist with explaining how to add the Slack app and the GoLinks bot. This article will also detail and demonstrate how to use the GoLinks bot within the Slack app.

To get the Slack app, you can install it directly from Slack with this link.

You can also access it by going to the settings page and installing it there.

Image of app installation
  1. Automatically add GoLinks bot to every public channel (recommended)
  2. Enforce manual invite to each channel individually (not recommended)

It is recommended to add the Slack bot to all public channels to encourage go link adoption. Requiring users to invite the GoLinks bot manually requires more work for the user. Users may think that the GoLinks bot is broken since it won’t resolve their link, however, it is because it isn’t invited to the channel that they are posting in.

Below is a video tutorial on adding and using the GoLinks bot to the Slack app.

Video Tutorial

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