GoLinks Workspace Settings

To navigate to your GoLinks Workspace Settings, select Settings in the left column of your GoLinks dashboard. This will reveal four additional options –Personal, Workplace, User Management, and Billing. Select the one labeled Workspace. This will bring you to the General Settings page within your GoLinks workspace account. Below you will find a description and explanation of each setting found on the settings page.

GoLinks AI Search Recommendations

Smart Search results

GoLinks AI search recommendations is powered by ChatGPT to provide advanced search results. It is recommended to have smart search enabled for an enhanced search experience. Some data will be sent to OpenAI, for more information view ChatGPT’s privacy policy.


This setting allows for users to create go links that will not appear in searches or on the dashboard. Although users will be able to search for the link if they know or guess the go link.

Enforce HTTPS Protocol

Destination URLs must enforce the use of https://.

Enable Safe Browsing

Members will not be able to create go links for web pages flagged as unsafe. 

With this enabled, only admins and moderators are able to delete go links. This action is recommended since deleting popular go links can break other users’ workflows.

With this enabled, only admins and moderators are able to edit go links. This action is generally not recommended since admins will have to manage user requests to edit their own go links. At scale, this can mean a lot of IT requests.


Disable user invites

Disable the ability to invite users to GoLinks from the same company email domain. This will usually want to be turned on if you want to control access to GoLinks from SSO solutions only.

Browser Extension Settings

Disable browser extension alert

If you have a DNS entry setup for GoLinks, it is recommended to disable your browser extension settings. This is recommended because the extension is not needed to make the go/ links resolve.

Public go links

Set fallback page for all public go links

Eliminate the risk of 404 pages if the destination landing page is offline or not found.

Other settings

At the top of your workspace settings, you will find three other tabs of settings – email domains, single sign on, and branding. Each of these pages will allow you to customize your team’s GoLinks accounts. Please note that some of these are either for paid accounts only, or exclusive to enterprise. 

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