Go Link Workplace Settings

Site settings

This setting allows for users to create go links that will not appear in searches or on the dashboard. Although users will be able to search for the link if they know or guess the go link.

Enforce HTTPS Protocol

Destination URLs must enforce the use of https://.

With this enabled, only admins are able to delete go links. This action is recommended since deleting popular go links can break other users’ workflows.

With this enabled, only admins are able to edit go links. This action is generally not recommended since admins will have to manage user requests to edit their own go links. At scale, this can mean a lot of IT requests.

Access Settings
Disable user invites

Disable the ability to invite users to GoLinks from the same company email domain. This will usually want to be turned on if you want to control access to GoLinks from SSO solutions only.

Browser Extension Settings
Disable browser extension alert

If you have a DNS entry setup for GoLinks, this is recommended since the extension is not required to make the go/ links resolve and the alert indicating that the user should install the browser extension will not be shown.

Allowed Email Domains
Allowed email domains

Anyone with email addresses at these domains can automatically join your workspace. Contact support if you would like to update this list of allowed domains.

Authentication settings

GoLinks supports several single sign-on (SSO) services. Select your company’s method of authentication in order to begin configuration. Do you use a service not listed below? Let us know! We will work with your company to find a solution. Existing solutions include; G Suite, OKTA, Azure, Ping, OneLogin, and Custom SAML.

Personalize settings

This is where you can upload your own company logo. This will replace the existing GoLinks logo in the upper left corner of your dashboard.

Integrations settings

This is where you can go to add one of our existing integrations. Currently we support integrations with Slack, Google Docs, Jira, Confluence, and Zapier.

Developer settings

Here is where developers can go in order view documentation and manage their API tokens and webhooks.

Billing settings

Billing allows for you to view your current seat count, add/change the card on file, change the owner email, and configure your existing plan.

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