Personal Analytics

This article will break down the different aspects of your personal analytics page. This will show your go links usage among other interesting analytics.

Your Time Saved

This graph allows for you to visually see the impact your go links are having for you, versus your entire workspace. You can change the view of the graph in order to see the last day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or all time. Hovering over a specific line can show you the number of minutes saved at that specific point.

These two settings break down your go links usage. The first allows for you to see your recent go link usage. It is automatically set to 30 days, but you can switch it the same way you were able to with your time saved chart. You are also able to expand the view to see more on your list by clicking the “view more” at the bottom of your list. The right hand column depicts your top go links usage. Like the other column, you can change the date range and can view the expanded model.

The final three sections on the “your profile” page include varying graphs. The first graph shows the rate at which you have been creating new go links. The second shows your individual go links usage. The final graph is showing the number of apps that these go links directed to. These charts can be expanded which also allows for you to see a further breakdown and allows for you to change the date range.

This feature is available on our pro and enterprise accounts.

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