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With the GoLinks Omnibox extension, you have the ability to search via the search bar. This is called “Search with Omnibox”. This allows for you to search existing published go links within your workspace. This means that unlisted go links will not populate in these search results. You are able to use multiple search terms within a single search. An example of this would be searching for a document related to accounts. You could use the search terms for both accounts and sheets if you want it to specifically be a google sheets document, all with GoLinks Omnibox. 

Supported Browsers

In order to search with Omnibox, you will have to have one of the extensions downloaded that this feature is supported on. At this time, you are able to use this feature with our Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers. If you are using either Edge or Opera, you will see the pop-up appear to “search with omnibox”, but no results will populate. We are working to resolve this issue immediately.

At this time, this feature is not supported with the Safari extension. We are actively working to get this feature added.

How to use 

With the extension downloaded, you can use go/ [space] to initiate the search feature. Once you have the space in there, you can start filling in your search terms. You do not have to hit the enter button, your results will automatically start populating. You will know that you are searching with omnibox if the search bar looks like this:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our GoLinks support team. You can either message via the chat bot in the lower right or you can email us at

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