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Long URLs vs Go Links: The Benefits of Simplifying Web Links

Long URLs vs Go Links: The Benefits of Simplifying Web Links

Every second spent wisely contributes to the overall growth and success of a business, and something that can drain our time is long URLs. Grappling with convoluted web addresses and copying and pasting endless characters increases risk, errors, and frustration, dominating your time.

This blog unveils a game-changing solution – the remarkable world of short links (AKA go links). GoLinks presents a game-changing solution. They provide concise, customizable links to streamline team productivity.

Read on to learn more about the downfalls of long URLs and the benefits of go links.

The history of long URLs

In 1992, URLs were created and started out as straightforward and simple web addresses. But as the internet grew, URLs slowly transformed into sprawling, complex addresses that became harder to navigate. It’s now estimated that there are over 30 billion web pages indexed worldwide.

In the name of progress, it’s time to embrace a new era of streamlined link access.

Understanding the time consumption of long URLs

Consider this long URL example: You’ve stumbled upon a goldmine of coding wisdom buried deep within the vast expanse of the internet. Eager to share it with your team, you copy the monstrous URL, a tangled web of slashes, numbers, and cryptic characters. 

In your haste, a single typo creeps in, and the link leads you astray. Those extra minutes identifying and fixing the error could’ve been spent more wisely. Long URLs aren’t only error-prone, they’re time-consuming too. 

funny long urls meme

There’s also the problem of findability. The average organization uses up to 130 SaaS apps. That alone is a lot to keep track of — not to mention all the individual pages and resources within each of those apps. Because we use so many URLs for our work, it’s easy to lose links. And it takes time to search through hundreds of bookmarks, dozens of Slack messages, or folder upon folder. 

But there’s a better approach!

Enter GoLinks – a short link solution engineered to optimize your digital workplace journey. 

With GoLinks, any long URL can become a short, memorable link like go/presentation or go/benefits. 

long urls vs go links

Go links provide:

Time-savings: Swap out those labyrinthine URLs for short, snappy links that stick in your memory. 

Seamless sharing: Create a shortened link and collaborate effortlessly. Share crisp go links to guide your peers to the right spot. 

Error-proof navigation: Bid adieu to typos and link confusion. Go links point your colleagues exactly where you intend, maximizing clarity.

With GoLinks, you can take long landing page links and exhaustive branded domains and morph them into sleek, shortened URLs, and memorable shortcuts. 

  1. Install the Extension: Add the GoLinks browser extension to your preferred browser.
  2. Select Your Page: Navigate to the page you want to save as a go link. 
  3. Click the Extension: Click the GoLinks extension icon in your browser.
  4. Customize the Link: Add your desired go link name and click “Create.”
  5. Share with Ease: Your go link is ready! Share it with colleagues for seamless access to the resource.
How to create short URLs using the GoLinks browser extension

Go links aren’t just links – they’re your secret to unlocking unparalleled tech efficiency. Say hello to simplicity, personalization, and total control, all at your fingertips.

Ready to revolutionize your URL experience? Get started with GoLinks for free today and unlock a world of streamlined navigation and enhanced productivity. Your journey to hassle-free URLs starts today.

Try GoLinks for free

When other companies create their own internal “go link” systems, they are often using open-source links, and despite handy, shorter URLs, the open-source nature can introduce security vulnerabilities that put your data at risk.

Personal Go links are your custom shortcuts tailored to your needs. Individuals can create a free GoLinks account to create personal short links, catered to preferences for swift access.

A go link shortener is the superhero of URL management. It takes those cumbersome web addresses and transforms them into concise, memorable links. 

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