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Geo-links: One Go Link for Different Geographic Locations

New 🌏 Geo-links: One Go Link for Different Geographic Locations

We have a brand new GoLinks feature that is now available: 

Introducing 📍🌏 geo-links 

Geo-links allow you to use one go/link that will direct to different destination URLs based on your geographical location. 

This is a super helpful feature for international teams who use different tools, platforms, and documents based on where they live. 

For example, go/benefits can take users to in Canada or if located in the UK.

  1. Select Create Go Link in the dashboard: Getting started is a breeze.
  2. Add destination URLs: Define your default URL.
  3. Include localized URLs: Tailor additional URLs to specific regions.
  4. Assign countries: Use the flag dropdown to assign URLs to respective countries.
  5. Name your go link: Give it a memorable name.
  6. Customize: Continue setting up your go link with tags, descriptions, and more.
How to create geo-link go link

From there, everyone can start using the go link, which will take them to the URL they need based on their location. 

  • A sales team in the US uses a different pitch deck than the sales team in New Zealand. Thanks to geo-links, they can both use the go link “go/pitch-deck” and be taken to the appropriate pitch deck based on their location. 
  • A company has branches in two countries and uses two different benefits portals. To ensure employees can always access the correct platform, HR uses geo-links, so go/benefits takes users to in Canada and in the UK.
  • A company with a customer support team in both Ireland and the US needs to ensure that the Ireland team has access to the support doc with GDPR-specific requirements. With geo-links, they can use the same go link while ensuring Ireland reps have the distinct information they need.

1. Simplicity and efficiency:

Geo-links simplify the navigation process by eliminating the need for multiple links for different locations. With just one go/link, users can access the relevant resources tailored to their geographic location, saving time and reducing complexity.

2. Improved user experience:

By automatically directing users to the most appropriate destination URL based on their location, geo-links enhance the user experience. No more frustration with irrelevant links – geo-links ensure that users always land on the right page, improving satisfaction and productivity.

3. Enhanced collaboration for international teams:

For international teams, geo-links facilitate seamless collaboration by providing access to region-specific tools, platforms, and documents. Whether you’re in the US, France, Canada, or the UK, geo-links ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need, fostering cohesion across borders.

4. Centralized management:

With geo-links, managing online resources becomes more centralized and streamlined. Instead of juggling multiple links and configurations for different regions, administrators can create and manage geo-links from a single dashboard, simplifying administration and reducing the risk of errors.

5. Scalability and flexibility:

Geo-links are highly scalable and adaptable to evolving business needs. As your organization grows or expands into new markets, geo-links can easily accommodate changes by adding or modifying destination URLs for additional regions, ensuring continuity and flexibility in your online workflows.

With geo-links, navigating the digital landscape becomes simpler and more efficient, empowering teams to work seamlessly across borders.

Try GoLinks today and experience a new level of convenience and productivity in your online workflows.

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