Adding and Using the GoLinks iOS app

Are you wanting to view and use your GoLinks on the go? With the iOS app, that is possible.

Downloading the app

Head to the apple app store in order to search for the GoLinks app. When you search for “GoLinks”, it may not be the first one to appear. Here is the one you should download:

Ensure that the company that it is made by is also GoLinks.

Now that you have the app downloaded, these are the steps to sign-in.

Signing into the app is the same as signing in on your web browser.

Clicking the “Log In” button will present you with a pop-up screen.

Sign in using your same company email. If you have an SSO sign on option, this will appear on the next screen.

Within the GoLinks app, there are only a few functions available at this time. If there are any features you feel would be beneficial to have, feel free to reach out to support with your feedback!

The Home page

The home page allows for you to see and search through your company’s golinks. Clicking on one of the golinks will navigate you to that golinks webpage. Clicking on the three dots next to the name of the links allows for you to share the golink. You can also see which links are variable from this page.

My go links

The my go links segment allows for you to search through your go links directly. Whereas the home page allows for you to search through all links, this allows you to see only yours. On this page you can also see your unlisted and favorited golinks. Favorite golinks will be denoted with a star while unlisted will have a small “unlisted” tag above the link.


The last tab is the account tab. Here you can contact support, view the GoLinks privacy policy, or log out of your account.

As noted previously, if there are any features you feel would be beneficial, feel free to reach out to the support team with any feedback!

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