Benefits of using go links

Studies have found that workers spend an average of 19% of their workweek searching for information. Roping in other team members to help isn’t effective either as 60% of employees report that it is “difficult, very difficult, or nearly impossible to obtain information from their colleagues needed to do their job.” By seamlessly integrating go links, teams can save time spent searching, facilitate smooth onboarding for new hires, preserve knowledge despite turnover, and offer usage analytics – highlighting the core go links benefits. This article will discuss the advantages and benefits of using go links in more detail.

Save time in getting information

When you use go links, you are accessing resources instantly. This means you don’t have to drudge through bookmarks or hunt down links in old email threads or chat histories. 

Once go links are created, they are all centralized in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Even if you don’t know the exact go link, there is one single-source-of-truth to find what you are looking for.

Share information easily

Go links are accessible by your entire team. This means you don’t have to copy and paste those long URLs every time someone is asking you something. This allows you to disperse information quickly and easily through emails, presentations, posters, and chats. Team members can even use go links in hallway conversations (try that with normal URLs). 

Quickly onboard new hires

New hires have tons of information thrown at them in the first few days of joining a company. In addition to the training they will need to go through, they also have to quickly adapt to new processes, new tools, and new lingo. That’s a lot of information. 

With GoLinks, training new hires can be as easy as go/training, go/employeehandbook, and go/holidays. They can quickly tap into information already available like, go/productroadmap, go/timeline, and go/backlog. From day one, there is already a natural pool of resources available to them without any extra work from your team. 

Cultivating a knowledge-sharing environment

Companies that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing find themselves with happier employees and better equipped to achieve business or team goals. Go links allows you to do just that. By creating and using go links, team members can discover new resources or see trending information. This also allows businesses to get the most out of the tools they are already investing in. Imagine that one webpage with valuable information but is dreadfully hard to navigate to; now you can instantly get to it. 

No matter what company you are a part of, team members will come and go. When employees leave, the fear is that knowledge and information may be leaving with them. Knowledge loss and knowledge leak a big drain on productivity that burdens remaining employees. When information is captured in the form of go links, it will always remain within the company and can easily be passed on to anyone else. 

Gain insights

Through GoLinks, you can see analytics for your entire workspace and individual go links. This will allow admins to evaluate which tools are commonly used and which tools aren’t getting any usage at all, thus allowing you to make decisions that can save your company money. 

Check out what real users have to say about using GoLinks.

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