Configure SCIM provisioning for GoLinks on OneLogin


Push new users 

New users created through OneLogin will also be created in GoLinks.

Push profile updates

Updates made to the user’s profile through OneLogin will be pushed to GoLinks.

Push user deactivation

Deactivating the user through OneLogin will deactivate the user in GoLinks.

Note: Deactivating a user will not delete their GoLinks account. Their status will be set to inactive.

Reactivate users

Reactivating the user through OneLogin will reactivate the user in GoLinks.

Note: Reactivating a user will set their status to active in GoLinks.


Before you configure provisioning with OneLogin, make sure you have configured SAML 2.0 for GoLinks. After setting this up, you will need to contact the GoLinks Support team ( to request a SCIM Bearer token.

Configuration steps 

Configure the Provisioning settings for GoLinks:

API integration

  1. On the GoLinks application, go to the Parameters tab and verify that the value of the SCIM Username field is set to Email.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. Go to the Configuration tab and enter the SCIM Bearer Token you received from GoLinks Support.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. Click Enable to connect to the GoLinks SCIM API.
OneLogin Dashboard

Note: If you get an Exceptions::CouldNotAuthenticate error when provisioning a user, check that the SCIM Bearer Token is correct. If errors persist, contact the GoLinks Support team ( 

Provisioning steps

To provision new users to GoLinks, follow these steps:

  1. In the Provisioning tab, select Enabled provisioning.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. You can choose the provisioning actions (Create, Delete, Update) for which you want admin approval before the action is performed. This is recommended for the initial testing of user provisioning. If you enable these options, you need to go to Users > Provisioning and under Tasks, click on the user that you want to approve or ignore the provisioning action manually.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. You can uncheck these options once you’re done testing if you want provisioning actions to be performed without admin approval.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. Select what should happen when a user gets deleted or suspended in OneLogin. Deleting a user will only deactivate the user from GoLinks. Both Delete and Suspend deactivates the user.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. Click Save to save the settings.

Enable the department field

  1. Go to the Parameters tab, scroll down to the Optional Parameters section and look for the Department field. Click on it to edit the field and enable it.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. Select the value as Department, or any other value you want to use for Department, and save the update.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. The Status for the Department field will be Enabled
OneLogin Dashboard

Assign the application to a role

  1. To assign GoLinks to a role, go to the Access tab in the GoLinks application and select the role(s) you want to assign.
OneLogin Dashboard

Note: Assigning to a role will add all the users in that role to the application and start the provisioning process.

  1. Save the updates. 

Assign the application to an user

  1. Choose the user you would like to provision, go to their profile and on the Applications tab, click on the plus sign button in the Applications section to assign the GoLinks application to the user manually.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. You should now see the GoLink application under Applications.
OneLogin Dashboard
  1. You can view all the users that are assigned to the GoLinks application by going to Applications > GoLinks > Users.
Test Users on OneLogin Dashboard
  1. You can also confirm the user was assigned to GoLinks by checking the Team Directory and searching for the new user.
GoLinks Team directory

Note: If you deactivate a user directly on GoLinks, the user will still be assigned to the GoLinks application in OneLogin. It is recommended to use OneLogin to update and deprovision users from GoLinks.  

User attributes 

The default parameters are as follows:

  1. Department: The department the user is associated with
  2. First Name: User’s first name
  3. Last Name: User’s last name
  4. NameID: User’s primary work email address
  5. SCIM Username: User’s primary work email address

Troubleshooting and tips

  • We recommend keeping OneLogin as the source of truth.
  • If you run into any issues or have questions, contact the GoLinks Support team (

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