Creating a new workspace

GoLinks is a collaborative link management platform where team members can collectively access and share information through short links called “go links”, “go/links”, or “golinks”. By design, it is meant to be a transparent tool in which resources are shared throughout the organization’s workspace rather than for private, singular use. This article explains how to create a new workspace within GoLinks.

💡 Things to keep in mind

  • Only business email addresses or private domains are accepted. Personal email addresses like,, or are not accepted at this moment. 
  • On our free tier, all members have admin privileges.
  • Go links you create will be visible to everyone else in your organization unless they are created as unlisted go links.
  1. Go to the signup page.
  2. Enter your work email address, then click Continue.

3. Check your email for a confirmation email. 

4. Your company’s GoLinks workspace is created when the first employee creates a GoLinks account. For example, if signs up for GoLinks, the workspace is created. Below is what a new workspace dashboard will look like:

5. Users with the same email domain, or of approved domains, will automatically be placed into the same workspace. Now when other team members with an email create a GoLinks account, they will join If you are unable to join your team’s workspace, you will need to request an invite from an existing team member. Your team may also have invites set to admin/moderator only. Keep in mind that multiple domain use is for our enterprise plan only.

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