Creating unlisted go links

Unlisted links are go links that are not visible to your teammates.

Unlisted go links are included with the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Make sure you are on one of these plans by checking the billing page. Admins can also choose to have this feature turned off within their workspace.

To create an unlisted link follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Create go link” button on the Dashboard
  2. Fill out the form with a URL, name, and description.
  3. Under the description, select “Show Advanced Options”
  4. Check the “Unlisted go link” option to enable an unlisted link.

Only the owner of the go link can see this on their dashboard. All other users will not be able to search, discover or find the link anywhere on the dashboard, or integrations such as Slack.

A user that also tries to create the same go link will be notified that the link already exists.

A user that knows the go link and types it directly into the address bar can still access the go link.

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