Troubleshooting the GoLinks Slack app

GoLinks bot doesn’t resolve my go links

The GoLinks bot will respond to any message that includes a go/link in its message. If the link does not exist, it will notify just the user that posted the link with an ephemeral message that reads “The golink go/example does not exist.”

The GoLinks bot only works in channels that it is invited to, which means it cannot resolve links in private direct messages.

If the bot is not responding, make sure that you have invited @GoLinks to the channel where you want the links resolved.

If you don’t want to manually invite the bot to every channel, you can update this setting in the Integrations tab on the settings page. You may need to reinstall the Slack app for changes to take effect.

If that still doesn’t work, try reinstalling the slack app by clicking here.

And if all else fails, please reach out to support at or by click on the chat bubble at the bottom right.

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