DNS Entry Implementation

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A DNS is a Domain name server and allows your network to resolve links to the correct domain.

This allows go links to resolve on the network without requiring our browser extension.

In order to make go links work on your network so that typing in http://go/links resolves correctly, you will need to add an internal DNS entry.

Go to your Internal DNS Settings to create an A Record.

Enter in the following fields for the A record

  • Name: go
  • IP Address:

Once you have entered this information, you will need to type “http://go/” one time into your address bar then enter. Once this has been completed, you can start using your go/links the same you you normally would.

Although it is not required to have the extension installed when you have DNS implemented, it is highly recommended. Having the extension installed allows for you to access your go links both on your company server and off, whereas DNS only allows for you to access them on the server. The extension also allows for quick creation of new go links. Below is an example of the extension and the features that can be used.

What is the IP address to add a DNS entry on our corporate network?

Add an A record entry for go and point it to the following IP address:

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