Ping Identity SSO guide

This article will walk you through the GoLinks Ping Identity SSO set up process.

Create a new app

To configure the integration of GoLinks into Ping Identity, you need to create a new application that will be added to your list of managed SaaS apps.

  1. Sign in to your Ping portal using your work email address.
  2. On the left sidebar, select “Connections”.
  3. On the “Applications” page, click on the plus sign to create a new application.
  4. For the application type, select “Web App” and “SAML” for the connection type.

Configure Ping Identity SSO

Create App Profile

  1. Enter “GoLinks” for the application name and write an optional description. 
  2. For the icon, you can upload the icon that GoLinks Support sends you. This is optional, but it will make it easier for your users to identify the application. Once finished, click “Next” to continue to the second step.

Note: Leave the “Sign-on URL” empty so if a user tries to log in to GoLinks and is not logged in to Ping Identity, the sign-on URL will default to Ping Identity’s login page. Once the user logs in, they’ll be able to log into GoLinks.

Configure SAML

  1. For “Provide App Metadata”, click on “Manually Enter”.
  2. For the “ACS URLS”, enter the following:
  3. Choose your own “Signing Key” or use the default “PingOneSSO Certificate”. Select “Sign Assertion”.
  4. Enter any “Signing Algorithm” you want such as “RSA_SHA256”.
  5. You can leave “Encryption” disabled.
  6. For the “Entity ID”, enter the following: “okta_sso_golinks”.
    1. Note: Do not change the value of the “Entity ID”.
  7. You can leave the fields for “SLO” empty and leave the default value for “SLO Binding”.
  8. For the “Subject NameID Format”, select “urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress”.
  9. Enter any value for the “Assertion Validity Duration” that’s 60 or above.
  10. For the “Target Application URL”, enter the following:
  11. After this, you can leave the rest of the options as is. 
  12. Finally, select “Save and Continue” to continue to the last step.

Map Attributes

  1. You will need to add four SAML attributes:
    1. “saml_subject”: “Email Address” (Required)
    2. “email”: “Email Address” (Required)
    3. “firstName”: “Given Name”
    4. “lastName”: “Family Name”
  2. Once you add these attributes, click on “Save and Close” to create the new application.

Configure GoLinks SSO

To configure single sign-on on the GoLinks side, you need to send the downloaded Metadata XML to your GoLinks Customer Success Manager. They will work on setting up the SAML SSO connection to properly work on both sides.


After Golinks confirms the integration is completed, we will set up a brief call to test and make sure it works properly.

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