Roles and permissions

What are the different roles team members can have?

There are three roles in GoLinks:

  1. Admins: Admins have total control of your GoLinks workspace. They will be able to update billing, SSO, site settings, team member roles, and have access to admin features like pinning and locking go links.
  2. Moderator: Moderators are users who have some power within the workspace, but not as much as an admin.
  3. Member: Members will not have access to modify any workspace settings. This role revolves around the ability to create, use, and edit go links

Below is a table explaining which permissions each role has access to;

Create a go link
Edit a go link***✔/✘
Delete a go link***✔/✘
Pin/unpin a go link
Transfer go link ownership
Lock/unlock go link edits
Workspace settings
Integrations access
Developer tools access
Team directory access
Update users access
Invite users

***The permissions for editing and deleting go links can be restricted by admins in the workspace settings.

Why are all my team members admins?

On our Free tier, the member and moderator roles are locked and all users are admins. To unlock this feature, please upgrade to a Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

To view the list of your team members and their roles, select “Directory” in the left hand column of your workspace. Here, you will be able to set the different levels of permissions you would like different users to have – member, moderator, or admin. This is also a good place to verify who has each access level. You can search out by role in the “access” drop down menu.

If you are an admin of your workspace, you can turn on a setting to prevent the member role from editing any go links. Go to Settings > Site to see this setting. This would still allow both the moderator and admin to  edit/delete go links.

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