Who uses go links?

Go links are used by teams large and small by enterprises, mid-size companies, and startups alike. At GoLinks, our customers include OpenAI, Impossible Foods, Instacart, Brex, Lambda School, Mercari, and more. 

Companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Netflix, Square, Airbnb, and many more have internal go links solutions and rely on them every day to get work done.

go links are used by Google, Linkedin, Yahoo, Netflix, and Twitter

While the terminology and prefix may change —Yahoo refers to them as “yo/links” while Intuit refers to them as “In/links”—they are generally known as go links. 

💡 Things to keep in mind

Go links are used by many different companies/organizations of various sizes and backgrounds to help simplify and organize their day-to-day work. Currently, only business email addresses or private domains are accepted. Personal email addresses like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or @outlook.com are not accepted at this moment. 

Surprise! Go links are used by all roles and departments. Modern knowledge workers use numerous cloud-based tools in their workflow—and that number is increasing. That means any role finds value in using go links to increase productivity; they are just as popular for engineers as they are for sales. 

Check out our blog articles on how various roles use GoLinks.

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