Okta SSO guide

You can check out the official Okta SSO guide for go links for more information.

Okta SSO is available for Enterprise plans. You will need to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or to support in order to get Okta SSO enabled for your account.

Preliminary steps:

  1. Navigate to the authentication tab
  2. Open up the Okta SSO option
  3. Copy and paste the metadata from Okta into the metadata field.
  4. Reach out to support or your CSM to enable Okta login

Once Okta is enabled by the integrations team, you can use it to login.

You may want to hold off on selecting “enforce SSO login” while you ensure the Okta integration is working okay, or you could get locked out and will need to use the emergency bypass method to regain access.

Once logging in with Okta has been confirmed you can turn on “enforce SSO login” to force users to login with Okta.

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