Adding and using the GoLinks Google Calendar integration

Adding the GoLinks Google Calendar integration

  1. Navigate to your integrations tab.
    • You can get here by clicking “Integrations” in the left column of your GoLinks dashboard.
  1. Once here, scroll down to Google Calendar and select “Learn more”.
  1. This will take you to the Google Calendar Integration page. You can view the different purposes for this integration here. 
  1. Select the “install” button. As an admin, you can choose to push this out for all users. As an individual user, you can select “individual install”.
    • You will be requested to give the integration a series of permissions, these are important for the integration to work.
  1. Once the app is installed, you will be notified. You will be able to find the GoLinks logo on the right hand side of your calendar.
  • Be sure to refresh your calendar if you had it opened prior to the download.

Using the GoLinks Google Calendar integration

  1. Open up an existing event, or create a new event on your calendar.
  2. In the description, write out a go/link that exists within your workspace.
  3. With this add-on, you no longer have to manually add the link, it can be done for you.
  4. Click the GoLinks logo in the right sidebar of your calendar.
  1. Select the event which you would like to use a go link from.
    • All go links used within that event will now be displayed on the right column.
    • Each of these is a clickable link that will take you to that go links destination URL.

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