Adding and Using the GoLinks Google Sheets Integration

Adding the Google Sheets Integration

  1. Go to your GoLinks integration page.
    1. You can navigate here by selecting “Integrations” in the left column of your GoLinks dashboard.
  1. Once on the integration page, scroll and select the  “Google Sheets” option.
  1. This will take you to the Google Sheets Integration page. You can view the different purposes for this integration here.
  1. There is a banner at the top of the page. Select “Add” and this will take you to the Google Marketplace listing for the GoLinks integration.
  2.  Select the “install” button.
  1. You will be requested to give the integration a series of permissions, these are important for the integration to work.
  2. Once the download is complete, you will receive a pop-up noting its completion.
  3. Your integration is now ready to use.

Using the Google Sheets Integration

  1. Navigate to any Google Sheets document in which you would like to convert go links.
  1. You can either convert the go links for the entire page, or for a selected area. To get started, select the  “Extensions” drop down tab, hover to  “GoLinks for Google Sheets”, then select the option you’d like to use.
  1. Once this is completed, your go links on the page will now be clickable links.

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