Using GoLinks in Confluence

This article is meant to assist with explaining how to use go/links within Confluence once the add-on has been downloaded. Using GoLinks in Confluence will only be successful for those individuals who currently have administrator capabilities within their companies. 

You will need to log into your Confluence account if you have not already logged in. Once logged into your Confluence account, you will be able to test your GoLinks in Confluence by using the following steps:

  • Within Confluence, create a new page by selecting the “create” button. On this page, you can type in your existing go/links that you have already created in your Golinks account.
  • In the new document type any GoLink. (ex. go/hr).
  • Select “Publish” at the top of the page.
  • Refresh page
  • Select the test document you created.
  • Select your GoLink in the document, that should redirect you to the page/url associated with that GoLink.

You will then be all set and able to use your go/links with Confluence! Below is a video tutorial on how to complete the Confluence add-on, as well as use your go/links within Confluence.

Watch a short tutorial video

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