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5 Workplace Productivity Playbooks for Every Team in Your Org

5 Workplace Productivity Playbooks for Every Team in Your Org

With the big game hype in the air, let’s take a timeout from the game to talk about winning strategies – not on the field, but in the workplace! 🏈

Just like a championship football team needs a killer 15 play script, your org needs top-notch tactics to reach peak performance. So, we’ve whipped up some workplace productivity playbooks to help your team crush it this year! 💪

Let’s dive into our lineup:

Who’s the real MVP of the Super Bowl this year? 

Is it Patrick Mahomes? 

Is it Brock Purdy? 

Is it Taylor Swift? 

We’ll let the dads, Brads, Chads, and Swifties fight this one out. But when it comes to workplace productivity, nothing beats GoLinks.

With GoLinks in your arsenal, you can:

  • Create memorable workflows with human-readable short links.
  • Democratize knowledge access with a searchable knowledge base.
  • Reduce wasted time by making it easy to navigate to and share resources instantly.

GoSearch: Formidable defense against information chaos 🛡️

Tired of tech overload and context-switching? Just as a strong defensive line disrupts the opponent’s offense, GoSearch helps your org your defend against information chaos. 

GoSearch enables your org to:

  • Unify company knowledge by connecting your work apps into a single search bar. 
  • Get instant answers to work questions by initiating a chat or query with GoAI.
  • Make your resources searchable without compromising on security. 

GoProfiles: The secret weapon of employee engagement 🌟

Apparently, the NFL can teach us a lot about corporate team building.

It’s all about trust, collaboration, and respect. 

And GoProfiles majorly helps with this in our current remote & hybrid work world. 

Thanks to GoProfiles, your employees can:

  • Build more genuine relationships with rich employee profiles that go beyond titles. 
  • Celebrate coworker achievements with Bravo peer recognition badges. 
  • Discover employee connections with AI-powered search and chat. 

🏆 Our Marketing Playbook:

Marketing teams need to make definitive decisions on what plays will give them the best chance of winning prospects. 

By leveraging GoLinks, marketing teams can coordinate campaigns, track performance, and share insights with ease. 

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🏆 Our IT Playbook:

On a daily basis, IT teams manage security, support employees, and optimize software usage. 

Juggling all this is like a defensive coordinator trying to stop a #1 offense. 

It’s not easy.  

With GoLinks for IT, teams can tackle these tasks — no problem. 

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🏆 Our Sales Playbook:

Just like the Miami Dolphins, sales teams thrive on speed and efficiency. With GoLinks for sales, teams can close deals faster, boost productivity, and collaborate seamlessly.

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🏆 Our Engineering Playbook:

Engineering teams are the backbone of innovation, just like O-lines are the backbone of any good offense. 

With GoLinks for engineering, teams can navigate dashboards, explore code easily, and deploy efficiently, ensuring a smooth journey from idea to execution.

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🏆 Our HR Playbook:

Great onboarding is a lot like the pre-season — getting teams ready for the real thing. And what better way to get your new hires ready than with GoLinks.

GoLinks for HR makes hiring easier, improves onboarding, and keeps employees engaged, ensuring a winning team of motivated employees.

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GoLinks, GoSearch, and GoProfiles = the triple threat that will revolutionize your workplace productivity.

Schedule a demo and see more real-life examples of how these tools can help your teams achieve more in 2024. 

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Access and share resources
instantly with your team

Purpose-built solutions that deliver
information to your fingertips

Golinks logo
Golinks section
Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡ Instant resource access
🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing
💡 Information discovery
✨ AI-powered suggestions
Gosearch logo
Gosearch section
Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps
✨ AI-powered results
🤖 AI conversational chat
⚡️ 100+ data connectors
Goprofiles logo
Goprofiles section
People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles
👍️ Peer recognition
📈️ Employee engagement
✨ AI-powered search