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What Is An Intranet And Does My Business Need One? Part 2 Of 4

This is part 2 of a 4 part series on What is an Intranet and does my business need one? Part 2 discusses the top benefits and content that can be uploaded in an intranet.

May 3, 2019   /   Product

How to Install GoLinks

You can install go links with the Browser Extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, the DNS Entry for golinks, /etc/hosts localhost file golink, GoLinks Slack Bot or MDM EMM go links. GoLinks for all!
Mar 27, 2019   /   Product

GoLinks Contributes to Open Source: A Tale of Two Browsers.

Contributing to open source software is a great way for companies and engineers to influence new ideas, and improve public projects over time. In this post, we describe our journey of identifying and…
Feb 28, 2019   /   Company

The History of GoLinks

Go links have been around for almost a decade, but who invented the golink? Find out the origin of go/links and why golink systems have been thriving in Silicon Valley. A full history by GoLinks.
Feb 25, 2019   /   Company

Y Combinator welcomes GoLinks!

We are excited to announce that GoLinks has been accepted by renowned seed accelerator, Y Combinator (YC), to be apart of its Winter 2019 batch of startups. YC has one of the most prodigious startup…
Feb 14, 2019   /   Productivity

Google Docs has a Secret Hack

Google has realized this process is inefficient and has created a few short links which will allow you to quickly and easily access new sheets, docs, and slides. This may only save you 15 seconds…
Dec 11, 2018   /   Product

How to create and use variable go links

A variable go link allows you to quickly insert a value into a URL to target specific destinations. This is used for URLs that share the same domain but have a single or string of variable values…
Oct 8, 2018   /   Productivity

Do we really need Google?

Today SpaceX successfully completed the SAOCOM 1A MISSION. If you wanted to learn more about this mission, you’d have an infinite number of resources at your fingertips. You could get to that link…
Jun 28, 2018   /   Productivity

The Big Debate: Internal vs External Tools

As a company scales a decision needs to be made on whether to build tools internally or use external tools. See which decision makes more sense for your company!
Mar 15, 2018   /   Product

Introducing the official GoLinks Slack App

Today the GoLinks team would like to introduce the official GoLinks Slack App that brings 2 important features into your Slack Workspace. This GoLinks Bot will finally close the productivity gap…

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